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Excel for QA

Use these Excel programs to expedite compilation of data regarding QA reports.

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I'm available at if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these Excel Programs.

I've received a few emails in the past concerning the below Excel programs not working after new operating systems have been installed, or network changes made.  I'll provide a couple of fixes here.
#1:  Make sure your macros can be enabled in Excel.  To to this, click Tools | Macros | Security, and set the level to at least Medium so you can select [Enable Macros] when the dialogue window pops up at the startup of the program.  Each of these programs requires macros to be enabled.
#2: If fix #1 doesn't work, then just delete the .xls file and, if you don't still have the latest, .zip download the program again, and unzip again.  This will reset any paths saved on the programs, and you will be prompted again to locate any source files.
#3: If all else fails, email me with the exact text of the error you recieved and the highlighted text you see when you press [Debug].  It would be helpful if you can send me the function name that the error occured in as well.  The name of the function will follow the first appearance of the word 'Public' or 'Private' above or on the highlighted line of text.
I will fix any problems anyone is having with these programs as soon as I know the what is causing them.

AWP Manager - Version 2.62 has been uploaded with the latest bug fixes.  This very useful tool will greatly increase the speed at which the DIFM Report can be scrubbed.  Although the AWP Manager is a work in progress, its capabilities are an asset to any AWP crew.  This program, like all the others, takes an Adhoc and parses the data into a workable, meaningful format.  If you want to know how many WP status WRA's are over 24 hours old, simply click the WP button on the AWP tab and print the results.  You can do the same thing for any other AWP or Maintenance status WRA.

The AWP Manager also monitors SRA (bit peice) status, Acitivity Percentages in AWP, and Overcost WRA's.  Future program features will include (time permitting) Transpose Candidates, and Generate Reports.

AWP Transpose: This tool will eventually make its way into the AWP Manager program.  Its function is to compare COMPL / REFER SRA's with like part numbers and list them in adjacent tables to compare to the DIFM.  Work Centers, PC, and AWP alike can run this tool and then find these items in the DIFM to consider for transpose.  Simply run the Adhoc in NALCOMIS and save the result over the text file already named "AWP Transpose Candidates.txt" then click the [Find Transpose Candidates] button.
AWP SOP's (NAS JAX FL) : A comprehensive guide to normal day to day operations at AWP NAS JAX FL. (Link removed)
Subjects covered in this SOP:
  • AWP Basics
  • BCM 4
  • Bit Peice Receipt Processing
  • Component Receipt
  • Component Release/Cann
  • Daily Numbers
  • Reorder Procedures

Quarterly UMMIPS Report - Generates a breakdown of IPG percentages based on activity.  Edit/Add/Remove Activity Name (requsitioner) / Org codes, and import the latest UMMIPS.ah results to quickly calculate the Requisition IPG's for all activities. (Includes 'Help' tab)

FAQ0 - Clean up empty NALCOMIS locations with this tool by locating NIIN's with 0 FAQ, 0 DUE, 0 DTO, and 0 on hand quantities and remove them [locations] from NALCOMIS.  This tool is mostly useful for the DBA.

DIFM/NRFI Balance - This simple but useful tool requires two Adhoc results.  One from NALCOMIS and one from R-Supply.  Its purpose is to reconcile the difference of DIFM/NRFI Balance between NALCOMIS and R-Supply. (Includes 'Help' tab)

IOU Carcass Tracking Report - This, slightly more complex, Excel program will scrub the IOU report via Adhoc and generate an IOU Carcass Tracking report that can be saved and emailed to the appropriate levels for expediting IOU turn in's.  Run the IOU.ah and Import the results into the program and run the Report.  The results are categorized into sections: 5S, Non RIP, COMPL 24 hours, DTI, and Other.  Review each section and "tag" discrepancies to be noted and refresh the report.  A validity percentage will be calculated based on the review of 21 items.  If there are more than 21 discrepancies, the program will alert the user.  Each report is compared to the Previous Report loaded.  (Includes 'Help' tab)

Latest News:  My squadron has returned home and I am available at either of the below email addresses for questions regarding these programs.  I have access to my address once again after 18 months and I've discovered a couple of old emails regarding the AWP Manager.  I have attempted to contact those individuals.  If you are one of those people and you have not heard from me, please send me an email and I'll answer your questions. 
If you have any questions or concerns, or the programs are not running properly, send an email to either of the addresses below.  I recommend sending to both addresses, since I don't have access to my addy at the moment.
Send bug reports or suggestions for these programs to: 
SK1(AW) Fox, Richard
 Or...(Personal email) recommended...
Subject headings:
Bug Report: file name
or Suggestions: file name
Each of these Excel programs contain macros.  You must set your macro security settings to at least Medium to use the programs.  This can be done from Tools | Macros | Security...  These macros will NOT crash your computer.  However, if you do experience problems, please email me at the above address.

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