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Mr Xofar's EVE

Miner Timer
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EVE Miner Timer

The EVE Miner timer is a LEGAL in-game application which runs on top of the EVE Client window and allows you to effeciently monitor the timing of your mining lasers. 
The EVE Miner Timer works best in semi-windowed mode with EVE Launcher.
The EVE Miner Timer is now FREE!

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Finally, a way to manage the timing of your mining lasers without the use of calculators and stopwatches; or even macros.  The EVE Miner Timer accepts values from the user and, when started, will display the depletion of the selected asteroid type.

EVE Miner Timer v(1.0.10)
screen shot of v(1.0.10)

Only use the (debug) version if you have communicated with me directly and we are working out a bug.

EVE Miner Timer <See DISCLAIMER below>
  • New! Display approximate mineral value as you mine.
  • Blends well with EVE client interface (EVE must be in windowed mode)
  • Start/Stop timers (max 7 timers)
  • Cycle timer countdown
  • Depletion timer countdown
  • Asteroid progress bar
  • Asteroid current quantity (in bar)
  • Que next asteroid values
  • Double Up/Double Down lasers
  • Monitor the ages of up to 4 jetcans
  • Buttonize form in upper left corner of EVE client
  • Auto-Saves settings
  • Sounds1: Cycle Complete, Asteroid Depleted
  • Sounds2: Jet Can Alarm, Cycle Near Complete, Asteroid Nearly Depleted.
  • Virtual Refining: Monitor mineral yield as you mine.
  • "The Fastest Ore Calculator in EVE" - aka 'The F.Ore.C.E.': =P
  • Input cargo hold size to monitor laser ore extraction amount to prevent over mining and wasting ore in space.  Useful if you are not jetcan mining.

Miner Timer Group III: base price: FREE!

Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres, Plagioclase, Omber, Kernite, Jaspet, Hemorphite, Hedbergite, Gneiss, Dark Ochre, Spodumain, Crokite, Bistot, Arkonor, Mercoxit

<DISCLAIMER>  The EVE Miner Timer relies solely on input from the user and in no way interacts with the EVE program, data, client, or servers. If you have purchased an invalid key from a scammer, I’m sorry, I can’t do anything about that.  Please know your sources before committing large sums of isk. All keys, distributed by me, purchased from me, Mr Xofar, are 100% guaranteed to work.  However, due the nature of programs and hacking, all sales are final.


The EVE Miner Timer is NOT a macro. 

It will NOT

 …stop or start your lasers for you.

 …move ore from your cargo to a jetcan.

                 …call an Alt hauler from another account to move the ore from a jetcan to a station.

                 …wipe your butt, or do the dishes.

Those are the things you simply must do for yourself.


It WILL however, help you manage the timing of your mining lasers to maximize the efficiency of your cap and laser cycles.  No longer will you have to wait an entire three minutes for 20 ore from cycles that normally produce thousands of ore units.   No longer will you have to make hundreds of calculations per day to determine how long it will take to deplete an asteroid. 


I (Richard Fox) am not responsible for any damge to your system, either caused by, or perceived to be caused by this progam.  Although every precaution has been made to ensure clean code, installs and full uninstall, you iInstall this program at your own risk.  If you do have any problems with installation, running, or uninstalling this program, please send me an eve-mail and I will attempt to correct whatever the problem is.